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Surrey-Fleetwood is a beautiful, diverse, caring, and bustling community, richly endowed with heritage, diversity, and opportunities. Over these past years, I have had the honour and privilege of advocating at the B.C. Legislature for issues that are important to the people of Surrey-Fleetwood. I thank you all for having put your trust in me since 2004. I was re-elected in 2020 with a strong mandate to make life more affordable, strengthen the public services that we all depend on, like healthcare and education, and build a strong economy for all people, not just for the privileged few. 

I’d like to keep connected with you via this website where you can learn of issues my staff & I have been working on and you can find links to community resources & events. This website will help provide information and advocacy advice for our community.

Please feel free to stay connected with me by signing up for my newsletter, ask me questions, forward me community events or just stop by the office to say hello!


COVID-19 Update

Thank you to everyone for doing your part in the fight against COVID-19. Whether you’re a front-line health worker, an essential service worker, or are staying at home and following social distancing guidelines, what you are doing is making a difference. Learn more about Covid-19 in BC

My constituency office is currently providing service to people and businesses in Surrey-Fleetwood via phone and email. We can help connect you with the services and support that you need during this challenging time. Please get in touch.

Email: Jagrup.Brar.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Phone: 604-501-3227

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